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Responsive Web Development 101 – How to modify your theme to adapt to different screen sizes?

With the arrival of responsive design, many themes and frameworks now offer responsiveness and adapt to their respective screen size.  You can achieve the same results if you use a framework like twitter bootstrap.

But what if your do not use a framework and would like to make your WordPress theme responsive? The solution resides […]

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Wp1stop.com Audio Commercial is out!!

The Audio for our new video commercial is ready and with that starts a new phase for WP1stop.com.  This year will bring new plugins, tutorials and a new book coming out.



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WordPress 101 Guide | Make a Query to Get the Most Popular Post by Comment Count in WordPress

This one is very simple. For those of you that want to automatically include it in your themes, you can query by comment count using get_posts and running a foreach loop to get the contents. Very simple procedure.

Code below will output the most popular post by comment count.

<? $args = array(‘posts_per_page’ => […]

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Blackwater Xbox title is out!! Check out the game!!!

Blackwater for Xbox 360 is one of the first games to be released that involves full body play.  This new game changes the rules of Engagement, and promises to bring you to sweat and provide you with an intense work out.

I am also happy to make it a part of one of our Portfolio […]

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Yahoo Webplayer Enabled – WordPress Plugin

My latest plugin, automatically enables the Yahoo Webplayer to your theme.  If you have not heard of the Yahoo Webplayer , it works great.  Take a look at it.

You can use my plugin to easily enable your theme to without having to edit the code or loosing any code when updating themes.



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WordPress Reviews | Finally it’s Friday, so get ready to enjoy the weekend and re-charge!

The weekend is finally here and I hope you had another great week as an online entrepreneur.  If you are a freelancer, online marketer or basic blogger is always good to step away for a bit from the monitor.  This week I tried to make some adjustments to my scheduling, giving me additional time […]

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What is WordPress? | Solutions to power your entrepreneurial spirit

We are going to talk about two ideas to get you started as an online marketers.  One of them is a Group Buying site and the second idea is Directory sites.   They both have proved successful and I have personally seen clients make a large amount of revenue with virtually a low start […]

What is WordPress? | The benefits of using WordPress for your business

What is WordPress?

WordPress is many things for different people, it can take many meanings, to some in means their livelyhood, opportunity, income, blog, journal, hobby, career.  You may come from all types of industries and you will find that WordPress can help your needs.  Over all,  WordPress is here to help you built your […]

WordPress niche Site | How To Start An eBook Site And Sell eBooks In 5 Easy Steps

If you are planning to start your own online business, then there is no better way to start than selling eBooks. This type of business is a simple way of making money. The best part about selling eBooks online is that you don’t have to worry about packaging and delivery- it’s already done for […]

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WordPress site | How to enable Buddypress on all Child blogs of your WPMU install

So you have Buddypress installed, theme activated and everything is working but, Buddypress is not working on your child themes. Are they buddypress compatible? – If they are and you have no other solutions. Make sure to BP enable Multiblog by adding the following to your Wp-config.php file.

define ( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true );

Want […]