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Thesis Custom Development

We have an extensive Thesis portfolio. We can transfer any design to the Thesis platform. Pixel perfect. Thesis is a highly recommended theme that is very light and fast. Excellent SEO and a great return on investment. Inquiry about our Thesis customization services.

Wordpress Membership Integration

We can set up your membership website with any of the available technologies. Wishlist Member, aMember or S2Member are some of our recommended choices. Whatever your choice we can install and set up any plugin for you to start making online income with your membership website.

Real Estate Wordpress Websites

We have been working with Real Estate professionals for over a decade. We establish your web presence with the Wordpress CMS and set up IDX or Wp-Property plugin for you. We offer marketing, print, emailers and newspaper ad design as well. We do the full package.

Wordpress Customization

All levels of customization are offered at WP1stop. How far do you want your website to go and how much success goes hand in hand with your investment. At Wp1stop, we have helped our clients reach success year after year.

WordPress Multi User development

WordPress MU is one of our top strengths. We can create for you a community based directory with multiusers for an array of industries like Fitness or education.

Buddypress customization

Are you ready to jump and create a Social Media community for your industry. We walk you step by step through out the process. Do you have an idea you would like to receive some consultation and look at the available options? We are there for you and provide you all the assistance.


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  • Wp1stop.com is a full service programming boutique located in Gainesville, Fl. We specialize in highend development services and graphic design. JQuery, Javascrtipt databases, application design and WordPress development are our main areas of expertise. There are other firms offering WordPress and development services. It’s important that you choose experts in the field and the best. […]

  • WordPress is now a widely used technology and our most recommended CMS platform. If you require Web Development in Gainesville Florida look no further and you will find us. Wp1stop offers excellent quality of service in WordPress development, if you dream it we can make it. We have been in WordPress development since the early […]

  • With the arrival of responsive design, many themes and frameworks now offer responsiveness and adapt to their respective screen size.  You can achieve the same results if you use a framework like twitter bootstrap. But what if your do not use a framework and would like to make your WordPress theme responsive? The solution resides […]

  • Hire WordPress developer for your next project. We have 16 years of experience in Web Development and Design.  We are among the top 1% of Elance’s WordPress developers and top U.S.A  WordPress elance provider. Among the most experience with 500+ WordPress sites completed. Our expertise focus is web applications based on PHP/MySQL, Jquery, Javascript, CSS, Sencha Touch, […]

  • This is a revision of an Old one and going over new options for achieving the same results. How to set up a file to download and not open in the browser. If you want to manually code this into a theme – Visit the old – Make a File Download Link Part #1 For […]

  • This week in WordPress 101 Guide we review the Thesis 2.0 release theme. The new updated theme is very fast and easy to edit. You have a completed re-built of the theme. If you plan of upgrading be warn that your old Thesis theme will not transfer with the upgrade. You will need to be […]


  • Frederick was fantastic to work with! He adapted very well to the changing requirements and was very easy to communicate with. I highly recommend him!


  • “Great to work with and very reliable. dedicated to seeing the project through. I will be turning over more projects, larger in scope to this pro in the future.


  • Excellent provider - expert at Wordpress and Buddy Press. No request was too hard and if it couldnt be done because of technical reasons (not ability of provider), a thorough explanation was given, helping us to understand the functionality of the website. Everything that we aksed to be done was completed quickly and efficiently. Will definitley hire this provider again and looking forward to a long term working relationship


  • Frederick did an absolutely beautiful job on my web site. I am totally pleased with the finished site. He is easy to work with, professional and highly competent. I highly recommend him.